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About Me
Thank You
Vasken Knouni

Thank You

I feel a great obligation, duty and pleasure to thank a few people for this achievement. And by achievement I do not only refer to reaching the summit of Ararat. I refer to the expedition in its entirety.

My Parents

I owe a great debt of gratitude to my parents that have given me all the necessary "tools" to go through with this journey. They are the ones that have brought me up to remain close to my Armenian roots, be proud of our heritage and always seek the truth.

Hagop Knouni & Garo Gentanian

The Armenian Team. I thank my brother for sending me that original email about this expedition and for choosing me as his partner. And Garo, a person I previously knew only by name, but now regard him as my brother having shared such precious moments together. I wish their children can one day make it up to Ararat.

Serko Agabadian

I thank Serko for concentrating his efforts to organize all the logistics for this expedition. I also thank him for his vision.

The EOS Team

What a Team! The true definition of the word team. Thank you to each and every one of you, but most of all to our leader, for making this expedition both seamless and enjoyable.

All Armenians

All Armenians around the world. Our collective effort and cause has always been an inspiration to me and has provided the impetus to embark on this mission.

The Turkish Guides

The Turkish guides, Hussien, Gioxu and Sinan who took good care of us. They exceeded all my expectations! Thank you.

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